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Concept of Free Virtual Numbers: A Boon to International Trade

Several factors have contributed to the proliferation of international trade. One such factor is advanced communication, which includes Internet, telecommunications, and so on. Having a landline connection and a mobile phone connection is considered to be a mandate for all businesses including international businesses. When the buyer and seller are in close proximity, trade is inevitable.

With increased demand for latest communication channels, the costs of using these channels are also increasing. For example, if you have an international export business in India with no offices outside the country, your international customers will have to call you at international call rates. Although communication via e-mails is feasible a personal call is mandatory to gauge the authenticity of the exporter or seller.

To reduce costs, there is a very interesting concept that works very well for exporters and others involved in international trade. This latest concept is called free virtual numbers or toll free forwarding. Let’s take an example to understand this concept. Assuming that you are an exporter of shoes from Sri Lanka and you want to sell your shoes to customers or dealers in the UK. You have just one office or showroom in Colombo and you want to have a presence in the UK. You have two options—first, you can rent or buy an office in the UK, which will be very expensive or second, you can have a virtual UK phone number.

There are many websites offering these free UK phone numbers to all people who need them. Currently, there are many who are charging for this utility, but there are some that are offering it for free as well. So, when a customer calls this virtual phone number from the UK, he or she will have to pay for the local call only. The phone call is routed to your Colombo number in just a matter of a few seconds. This is an amazing utility and it has really worked wonders for most businesses around the world. When you have a virtual number, you will not find it any different from the local numbers that are in the country.

Your customers will not have to pay high charges for international call charges, which will give them some relief when they are calling multiple vendors or traders. In addition to traders, you will also find different industries using this utility. For example, travel companies, airlines, marketing firms, real estate companies,pharma companies, call centers, and even international travelers.

In addition to toll free forwarding, you will also have facilities such as voicemail and fax which makes the business communication complete as it opens all the channels. The virtual call forwarding concept is also known by different names such as ‘Find me Follow Me’. So, look out for the different names of this amazing concept when you are doing your research on the Internet. You may also find a few drawbacks of this concept, but considering the advantages, the drawbacks can be taken with a pinch of salt.

Call Forwarding Service and Its Benefits

Call forwarding service is an exceptionally advantageous feature in the telephone framework that empowers an approaching call to be redirected to an alternate telephone or cell telephone where the called gathering is accessible. The greatest profit of call forwarding feature – especially for business endeavors – is that no important client call will be remembered fondly and the calling gathering will likewise not be baffled.

The main elective to call forwarding feature is having a voicemail service or voicemail. Be that as it may the evident reality is most callers hate listening to an indifferent recorded message. Once more, there are likewise callers who are reluctant to leave a recorded message as they are quicker to straightforwardly banter with the called gathering.

Numerous entrepreneurs who accept that human contact is fundamental to create client affinity lean toward the call forwarding feature over the automated phone receptionists. There are likewise businesspeople who support their calls getting sent to a call focus, with the goal that the client can achieve and converse with a specialist rather than an automated phone receptionist or voice mail.
There are likewise developed call forward features that are adaptable – whereby you can decide to advance your calls to distinctive telephone numbers or to your voice mail relying upon the time of the day for every one of the seven days of the week.

Obviously, to appreciate call forwarding office, you will need to expect obligation regarding initiating, reactivating and deactivating call forwarding feature previously, then after the fact business hours.

In the event that you actuate the voice mail, you can regulate the approaching calls to your voice mail if there is no reaction or you can decide to straightaway send all your calls specifically to your voice mail. You can likewise decide to send all your voice sends to an email account as a voice index. In multi-national organizations, worldwide forwarding service has gotten to be truly normal and the calls could be sent to any universal terminus.

Numerous business houses make utilization of some sort of call forwarding service as a major aspect of their telephone framework to stay in contact with customers and give enhanced client service. Most real service suppliers offer call forwarding as a component of their business telephone plans.
Since correspondence is basic to any business undertaking, it is paramount to verify that you have the ability to deal with all approaching calls legitimately. By settling on as a feature for your telephone services, you will have the capacity to have callers achieve you actually throughout non-available time and on siestas and at any hour of your picking.

Since this service can port telephone calls to a representative’s mobile phone, it builds worker versatility without influencing correspondence. In a few frameworks, this feature will have the capacity to call an arrangement of numbers until it gets a reply. As long as a representative has the ability to answer one of the forwarding telephones, he/ she will be inside scope to talk straightforwardly to clients, answer paramount inquiries and give key data.

A few clients discover voice mail indifferent and disturbing and might not have certainty that their message will be kept private or will be followed up on instantly. With call forwarding frameworks that utilize different numbers, a representative can set up a particular voice mail message on the last number, for example, a cell.

It is a basic and simple approach to adequately expand telephone efficiency in the work environment and make more open lines of correspondence constantly.

Call forwarding service feature likewise gives you the chance to piece certain calls by sending them to voice mail dependent upon the number calling. You can likewise program in a manner that all anonymous/unknown calls are sent to either voice mail or a lapse message expressing that they have neglected to achieve you at the number dialed.

Virtual Phone Number

With most businesses becoming branched and virtual one of the factors that have achieved greater prominence than every before is the efficiency of communication. Without a proper channel of communication, it is almost next to impossible to handle offices at different corners of the region ad generate business for growth. The role of virtual phone numbers comes vital in such a scenario where everyone aims to be global in order to achieve maximum target population.

Apart from being communicative to one another to execute the business in its proper shape, it is also mandatory to be approachable to potential customers who should not be put away by being unreachable. This is specially true for small business or start up where the administrators or managers are just a handful few. It is these small set of people who does almost everything. There are no separate departments to attend to customer services and client relationship management. All these happen once you have a growing business and have enough bandwidth to accommodate special posts for these roles. In the mean time, it is the founders of the start up who takes up the role of all these combined. This means that such firms generally are tight on their budget and is difficult for them to invest high amounts in establishing high end channels of communication. A virtual phone number comes handy and reasonable in such cases. Only an administration fee and an establishment charge is all that you need to set up your virtual phone number. Although the initial establishment might look a little expensive but it’s much cheaper that the cost required to set up employees and branches at different corners just to attend to customers.

Virtual phone numbers lets the curious and potential buyers call a business owner at a local rate. Since the call happens through an IP, one can easily connect the call to one’s mobile phone or even a landline. In this way even one’s distant family member can get in touch at a local rate without undergoing the call charges for international locations since the virtual number forwarding is seamless. There are plenty of choices for virtual telephone numbers where they help business owner enhances his customer base and is able to address maximum number of potential end users at no hassle, irrespective of where he himself is currently located in. Even the customers develop their initial trust after having a conversation at the same rate as done locally.

Since many companies are offering this virtual phone number service due to its sheer demand in the market, it is essential for the business owner seeking a virtual phone number to check out the benefits, the terms and conditions prior to choose the scheme. One can request for the number online or can even get in touch with the providers personally to know about the features. For small business, this is one of the vital ways to stay competent in the market and have improved communication channels. This acts as a monetary savior and will enhance his business base. In a way, one can say, a virtual phone number helps in attaining business traction.