Love And Sexuality

The Tao of love and sexuality (part 3):

v. Eva Laspas

The third part of our Tao series now leads us to topics of love and sexuality as Taoists see them. The Tao of Sexuality – Dr. med. Stephen T. Chang writes about it in his book of the same name: “The research and practice of sexual behavior in accordance with the principles of Taoism – is part of the living philosophy of Taoism.”
The Taoists observed the processes of reproduction and discovered that the human sex glands have divine power to create and shape life. They soon recognized that the sex glands can be used as a source of life force for the body and based on this they created methods and techniques to return the energy that the body used to create egg and sperm cells back into the body.

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The Tao of Sexuality

Many religions suppress sexual activity in favor of spiritual development, but suppressing one’s sex drive leads to frustration. Taoism solved the dilemma by placing the sexual instinct in the service of spiritual development. Practiced Taoists give the sexual techniques of the Taos a direct, tangible experience of God. When true love is shared, given, and received, two people experience the nature of God. To experience love is to experience God.
Dr. med. Stephen T. Chang also deals with the care and health of the body in his book, because spiritual sexuality can only be achieved with a healthy body. Just as excessive ejaculation is described as energy-consuming for men, the orgasm is described as energy-consuming for women, which does not slowly build up in nine stages and which the author describes as the ‘perfect orgasm’. Each of these nine levels stimulates and energizes other organs in the body. Such an orgasm fills women with energy, while the love game described in many guidebooks, which should culminate in ‘coming together’, is considered exhausting for women. Dr. med. Stephen T. Chang writes: “These manuals are mostly written by men who assume that women experience sexual satisfaction in the same way as men: ascend, reach the summit and descend steeply, with women a little more slowly. But none of that is true …
… but there are higher levels of happiness and harmony, and these are waiting for those who practice the Tao of the art of love. ”

Men are recommended to train the ‘ejaculation-free’ orgasm, because this enables the man to reach climax more often than with Ejaculation. As a further point, Dr. med. Stephen T. Chang also describes that in this way the prostate is not kept in a stretched state for too long and thus prostate diseases can be prevented. Exercises to learn the ejaculation-free orgasm above can be found in the book, however, they require some discipline.
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The Tao of love

Many people are disappointed in love and relationships, they have withdrawn and prefer a single life to a relationship. Or change their partners so quickly that ‘getting involved with the other’ doesn’t even arise. Many others are content with halfway working relationships. Using the Tao of love, two people should succeed in letting divine love germinate between them and living it. A relationship according to the principles of the Toas requires a lot of courage and a willingness on the part of both partners to look over and over again at everything that stands in the way of love. This is very intensive work on yourself. In their book ‘Das Tao der Liebe’, the author couple Amir and Samira Ahler describe a Tao relationship as follows: “In a Tao relationship, your partner is the mirror,

From a Taoist world view, it is primarily about letting go. By ending all efforts and efforts, by giving up your own ‘will’ and ‘doing’, it becomes possible to flow in deep harmony with yourself and life. Then the gift of life can be accepted with open hands and a light heart.
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The 7 Tao principles for fulfilled relationships

The authors Amir and Samira Ahler explain the following principles to us in their book ‘The Tao of Love’:
1. Principle of not doing
2. Principle of surrender
3. Principle of the open heart
4. Principle of present love
5. Principle of naturalness
6. Principle of unwillingness
7. Principle of Yin-Yang

In a row they describe these seven principles and also provide 82 texts through which one can work, provided that both partners work on themselves and the relationship to achieve a fulfilling relationship.
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Sexual power – the healing fire

In her latest book under this title, general practitioner and naturopath Dr. Petra Orina Zizenbacher (not only for women) on the subject of sexuality: “We live in a time in which sexuality is mostly reduced to the physical realm. Despite the apparent sexual permissiveness of the last few decades, we western people have centuries of physical and sexual hostility Repression stored in our collective consciousness Sexuality has been distorted by moral and religious rules.

Sexual sensations and lust in women were considered medically abnormal in antiquity, and in some circles in Europe until the nineteenth century. I believe it is time to redefine the sexual force in a comprehensive and loving way so that the uniqueness of this force moves back more into the common consciousness. ”
Her concern is to shed light on the aspect of every force that brought us all into existence, namely the sexual force. Through the sexual force we succeed in penetrating into other spaces of our self. Since we can only use our sexual power optimally if our body is healthy and well-groomed, the author goes into the topic of health in particular with tips and recipes. In the first part of the book you will therefore find important aspects about nutrition, breathing, herbal medicine, the body and its energy systems. The second part is devoted to sexuality.

The chapter on dealing with sexual energy is extremely interesting. Miss Dr. In it, Zizenbacher scrutinizes the history of sexuality. It is also about not depriving each other of all energy through intense violent orgasm (pure yangic sex) or not using each other to relieve tension, which in their opinion is pure abuse. She writes: “An intense orgasm consumes energy from the lake (body’s own energy reserves), especially if one goes into the union with the intention of relieving tension. Emptying the (energy) lake creates a state of stress in the body.
This can make itself felt in different ways. On one hand, people can get after a sexual encounter feel tired to trancelike states of exhaustion, or they feel aggressiveness … ”
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Donner, Wind und Berg

The book of the same name by the authors Ulja Krautwald and Christine Li deals with the eight Chinese personality types and the secret of male potency.
Perhaps you already know her first book ‘The Way of the Empress’, in which the two authors describe the life of the Empress and reveal ancient Chinese secrets for women.
Now it comes to the secret recipes of Chinese medicine, which help men to be more virile, radiant and content. This time we accompany the wise shaman Ge Hong. A famous doctor, politician, writer and free spirit, he lived in the wilderness of the southern Chinese mountains from 283 to 363 CE.
Young and old men made pilgrimages to Ge Hong for advice on their problems. They learn that there are eight personality types, each of which has to observe different rules if they want to optimally develop their mental and physical strength. In addition, Gu Hong has secret potions ready, which have a balancing, vitalizing and potency-increasing effect …