Concept of Free Virtual Numbers: A Boon to International Trade

Several factors have contributed to the proliferation of international trade. One such factor is advanced communication, which includes Internet, telecommunications, and so on. Having a landline connection and a mobile phone connection is considered to be a mandate for all businesses including international businesses. When the buyer and seller are in close proximity, trade is inevitable.

With increased demand for latest communication channels, the costs of using these channels are also increasing. For example, if you have an international export business in India with no offices outside the country, your international customers will have to call you at international call rates. Although communication via e-mails is feasible a personal call is mandatory to gauge the authenticity of the exporter or seller.

To reduce costs, there is a very interesting concept that works very well for exporters and others involved in international trade. This latest concept is called free virtual numbers or toll free forwarding. Let’s take an example to understand this concept. Assuming that you are an exporter of shoes from Sri Lanka and you want to sell your shoes to customers or dealers in the UK. You have just one office or showroom in Colombo and you want to have a presence in the UK. You have two options—first, you can rent or buy an office in the UK, which will be very expensive or second, you can have a virtual UK phone number.

There are many websites offering these free UK phone numbers to all people who need them. Currently, there are many who are charging for this utility, but there are some that are offering it for free as well. So, when a customer calls this virtual phone number from the UK, he or she will have to pay for the local call only. The phone call is routed to your Colombo number in just a matter of a few seconds. This is an amazing utility and it has really worked wonders for most businesses around the world. When you have a virtual number, you will not find it any different from the local numbers that are in the country.

Your customers will not have to pay high charges for international call charges, which will give them some relief when they are calling multiple vendors or traders. In addition to traders, you will also find different industries using this utility. For example, travel companies, airlines, marketing firms, real estate companies,pharma companies, call centers, and even international travelers.

In addition to toll free forwarding, you will also have facilities such as voicemail and fax which makes the business communication complete as it opens all the channels. The virtual call forwarding concept is also known by different names such as ‘Find me Follow Me’. So, look out for the different names of this amazing concept when you are doing your research on the Internet. You may also find a few drawbacks of this concept, but considering the advantages, the drawbacks can be taken with a pinch of salt.