Divine Creation

OM – the first breath of creation

by Prem Tameer Spranger

In the beginning was the sound and the sound was OM.

Many Eastern traditions agree that the divine was not manifested at the beginning of time. The first thing that manifested in the universe was a vibration, a sound, and that was the OM. Out of that came everything else, our whole universe.

OM or AUM is therefore the original sound of divine creation, a sacred sound and also a symbol. It is also called the master symbol.

Om is the mystical letter.
Om is the sacred syllable.
The world rests in Om.
In Om we live and we move.
We rest in Om.
In Om we find what we are looking for.

Around 1960, the Swiss doctor and natural scientist Hans Jenny experimented with the influence of sounds on various materials such as gel, powder, mercury and iron fillings that were placed on metal plates. Then he exposed sounds to the materials and found that a low frequency sound created simple geometric patterns in the materials. The higher the frequency got, the more complex the design became.

When he then took the tone AUM, a pattern was created which reflected the ancient Indian symbol for AUM, which is also known as Shri Yantra. The Shri Yantra is known as the Mandala of Creation. Hans Jenny was able to confirm that sounds create form.

Sacred geometry

Form is just as inseparable from geometry as geometry is inseparable from vibration, resonance and frequency. In other words: every form has a certain “consciousness”.
For eons, mystics have known of the vibrating nature of consciousness and today contemporary research in a wide range of scientific fields confirms that thoughts, emotions and attitudes not only influence matter, but even provide a kind of subatomic substrate that in turn directly influences the matter has. Every changed feeling, every mood, every smallest nuance influenced the whole. Sacred geometry is the gateway to this principle of all-connectedness, of inseparability and unity of everything.

The PranaVita method also makes use of this knowledge about the beneficial effects of symbols and their sounds. By using the AUM in prana work, we can get to the root of energetic imbalances and neutralize and harmonize negative vibrations. The body is brought into its original harmonic state and all systems in the body are aligned with harmony, harmony and self-healing.


Sit comfortably on a meditation cushion or chair, keep your spine straight.
Breathe deeply into your stomach.
Put a picture of the symbol OM in front of you. Relax your eyes slightly downwards and look at the symbol, if possible without blinking your eyes. Then close your eyes after a while and find the symbol OM as an inner image in front of your inner eye. Imagine yourself rising all the way into the symbol.

Breathe deeply into your stomach, hold your breath briefly and while exhaling sing the sound AUM (sung aaaaoooooooooommmmm). Then hold your breath for a moment and linger in the silence after the AUM.

Sing the AUM 50 times when you are depressed. This makes the mind serene and gives you new strength and strength. Surround yourself with the symbol.


What is Prana Vita ©?

An energetic method that will help you stay healthy and get healthy!

According to a study by the special commission of the European community, unconventional healing methods are in demand and will continue to complement conventional medicine in the future in order to accelerate and deepen healing.

The knowledge of pranic healing brings new impulses!

PranaVita © is a new method of energy work adapted to today’s needs, a “Body-Prana-Mind Therapy” – contactless, loving, efficient and cult-free. Old knowledge is combined with modern techniques. The emphasis is on the heart center. PranaVita © is a complementary method, ideal for prevention, maintaining health and increasing energy.

PranaVita ©can be learned by anyone, you don’t need any special requirements – except love for yourself and for the people you want to help with. A method for each of us. And as diverse as every person is unique!

PranaVita © stands for itself, but also complements other healing systems and is easy to integrate into them. PranaVita © cannot and does not want to replace modern medicine or other energetic and complementary healing systems, but complement them in a meaningful way.

We can make every moment an opportunity to consciously experience this ever-present life energy!

The principle “Prana”

life energy or Prana is the essence of our existence. It is an active, conscious and intelligent energy that permeates all living beings and promotes, surrounds and connects all forms of life. The concept of life energy is universal. PranaVita © literally means life energy.

All the great cultures of the world (the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, etc.) knew about these energies. Their traditions and healing system are based on the principle of life energy. They gave this energy various names, such as Pneuma, Chi, Ki, Mana, Orgone, Light … or even Prana – and have been using it in their healing methods for centuries.

How does it work?

In order to maintain the healthy vital functions of the human body, it is necessary that the body is adequately supplied with life energy or prana. As early as 1939, Kirlian photography demonstrated that every human being is surrounded by a bioplasmic field or aura. This fact has been known in Asia for thousands of years, as has the knowledge of Prana, which is an important factor in all Far Eastern healing methods. And this is exactly where PranaVita © sets ; on: It does in the aura what acupuncture does directly on the body.

More about the technology

The modern and clearly defined techniques of PranaVita © enable everyone to feel the aura and the chakras in the subtle body, to clean them and to revitalize them with fresh Prana. This strengthens and activates the body’s self-healing powers and harmonizes the various bodies.


Holistic training to become a certified Prana practitioner

Every student has the opportunity to attend only the individual seminars or to go through the entire training program of the Prana Vita © system, and this training, if he wants, with an examination and with the receipt of the Certificate of Certification to Finish Pranic Practitioner. The certified prana practitioner then carries out his work independently with the energetic’s trade license.

For example:
Content of the PranaVita © basic training:
Body and auras and their perception
Feeling the life energy
The chakras – and their associated glands, nerves, plexuses and organs
Cleansing and vitalizing the energy body
Healing yourself and applying the techniques to other people
Exercises to increase clarity and awareness; a path to self-empowerment
Breathing techniques, physical exercises and protective techniques

… read more about the training units here.