Our Inner Child

A seminar on the Inner Child

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To be a child of God, what does that actually mean?
How do I take responsibility, both for my own life and for my past?

Why “being a child” makes you happy
or why only children’s eyes can see the true sky.

And why my Inner Child determines my relationships, what it means to heal and live. Yes, this seminar is certainly not that easy for some people. They are afraid of the encounter with their past, precisely before the encounter with the child they once were. But it is precisely this very own childlike nature, which underlies every human being, that is the most precious thing that he carries within himself.

Past – important or not?

Past – Childhood – Healing – Childhood – Responsibility – Child of God

If I get involved in my past , I usually end up automatically in my childhood …
When I get involved with my childhood , I end up at many moments when I need healing …
When I bring healing into my childhood, something wonderful always arises, and that is my true childhood, i.e. how I REALLY was or wanted to be as a child …
In this childhood many wonderful abilities are revealed to me, which actually all lie dormant in me: openness, simplicity, spiritual perception, liveliness, freedom, an ability to devote to life combined with a will to live that can hardly be described with words, sensitivity, gentleness , childlike curiosity, humor, self-confidence, real joy, trust, courage, … and so many more skills!
When I take responsibility for this childlike nature , all these abilities return to my everyday life, where it is actually important to let my childlike nature come to life again.
All these abilities make up my true being and thus also my divinity. Only in this intimate connection to myself and also in the filial devotion to God can I learn to understand the wonderful fact of being a child of God !

Therefore the aim of this seminar is the liberation and transformation of the inner child . It is the attempt to find the strength again to take responsibility for one’s own past and to heal it. So the main thing is to heal the injured inner child and to find and allow my own “being a child” again. Every person is a gift from God for this earth, because just like in this picture every person was personally sent by God and brought to this earth.

This gift, that is, this divine child, dwells in the innermost part of every human being and wants to be transformed:

From the rejected to the integrated child,
from the lost to the heart-rending child,
from the criticized to the wonderful child,
from the dead to the living child,
from the destroyed to the constructive child
and from the neglected to the radiant child!

My inner child rewards me with charisma, humor, spontaneity, love, self-confidence, curiosity, openness … and much more – of course only if I also free it and transform its fears. It means bringing this child that I once was out of my past. Bring it back to life! This child is the most precious thing I have in me because it is the access to my true being. Access to the wonderful soul that has descended on this earth! This child still knows this soul and when I free it, it gives me an infinite beauty, the beauty and radiance of my true being …
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About the origin of the Inner Child Seminar

My own way to heal my Inner Child and the seminar work that resulted from it came about through a nine-month illness, at the end of which not only the seminar was born, but also the healing of my body. Exactly this healing happened because I no longer resisted any memories that wanted to come to me. At the time, I asked myself whether the memories of all my past experiences would mean my ruin or my renewal, and to my greatest astonishment I discovered that
the only thing that has really restricted me in my life or is still restricting me is the fear of my past and my refusal to meet her.
We look forward to seeing you, Heliamus Raimund Stellmach

As a prerequisite for the Inner Child Seminar

The life school (

Inner Child ) introductory seminar : The spiritual world in and around me!
Basics and background of my spiritual work. An introduction to spirituality and meditation. Enlightenment about the spiritual world and about the basic handling of myself as a spiritual being …

A seminar about handling myself and my environment from a clairvoyant perspective:
Spiritual hygiene, meditation, self-discovery, angels, deceased, partners, relationships, Inner Child (as an introduction), spiritual connection, Christ … It is an ideal introductory and preparatory seminar for the Inner Child Seminar, for the life school and also for training in spiritual life counseling.

The spiritual world
and why we were all angels at one time and yet do not remember it.
For me, life with the spiritual world is one of the most beautiful but also the most natural aspects of my life. It is not up to us yet to grasp God constantly and to understand it in his entirety. Nevertheless, it is our longing to understand more and more our own divinity, that is, our divine origin.

Through angels I get to know partial aspects of the all-encompassing and can enter into a personal and intimate relationship with them. We allow ourselves to be slowed down and misled by the dead …
Many people find it difficult to surrender to God because too many religious projections are based on the concept of God alone. Many unpleasant memories from our historical past are associated with it and falsely projected onto everything that has to do with “God”. However, most people find it easier to gain access to their personal guardian angel. In him we encounter God “personally and tangibly”. When we meet angels, we suddenly allow individuality, personality and closeness …

And yet we lose all of that in everyday life. Just why? Who or what is involved?
I know well that I can achieve little by myself and that it still takes many hearts to find the courage to raise their voices to God or to the angels before our world is fundamentally changed, but it is already happening! Very slowly, but unstoppable:
The true revolution begins inside, hidden from the outside world, and true miracles always happen quietly! Because every person who heals his inner child or brings it to life brings a light to shine that will not only change our own world.
Personally, there is hardly anything more beautiful in my work than when the inner child of a person awakens and the radiance in his eyes begins to shine …
We look forward to seeing you, Heliamus Raimund Stellmach