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Benefits Of Deep Breathing Yoga Practice

Start practising yoga, and you would surely reap the following benefits.

Lower/Stabilized Blood Pressure

Yoga practice on a regular basis can help cure the problem of high blood pressure.

Reduced Anxiety And Depression

Daily yoga practice would render you with peace of mind, helping you do away with anxiety and depression.

Increased Energy Levels

You will be able to feel a surge in the energy levels within your body.

Improved Immunity

Yoga would help in increasing the immunity levels of the body.

Decreased Feelings Of Stress And Overwhelm

It will help you stay calm during stressful situations instead of being overwhelmed with them.

Reduction In PTSD Symptoms

Yoga can serve as an effective cure for all the symptoms of PTSD.


Here are some effective pranas that you must try out.

Prana Vayu

Prana Vayu mudras help in the inward intake of energy. It governs the intake into the lungs as these mudras are associated with the heart chakra located at the chest.

Apana Vayu

Apana Vayu mudras cover the gestures of thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger. These mudras help balance the earth, fire and air element in the body and provide relief from any heart-related problems.

Udana Vayu

Udana Vayu comprises hand gestures that effectively cure respiratory system-related problems, thyroid, and improving speech.

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Benefits of prana

Practising prana on a regular basis would reap innumerable benefits that would render you good health.

What Our Clients​​ Say

I have recently started practising yoga under the guidance of the Die Virtuelle team. And the effects which I have experienced since then on my body and mind are amazing.
Howard Schmitt
I think starting the pranas is one of the best decisions of my life, considering the stability it has rendered to me.
Anne Profitt
Practising pranas has brought stability to my blood pressure levels, giving me a sense of peace. I am very grateful to the Die Virtuelle team for encouraging me to practice it.
Reginald Manning

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