5 Stages Of Dating You Would Want To Know!

In the last several years, the dating world has changed dramatically. The old school romance is gone, when people communicated with smiles and furtive glances. Dating is complicated, and one of the most irritating aspects is the point at which you must explain who you are with the other person.
To make things clear, we’ve come up with five standard stages of dating a couple goes through.

Step 1- Meeting

It’s necessary to begin dating somewhere. As a result, the first and most crucial step in dating is to meet each other. It makes little difference whether the interaction occurs online, in social groups, at a party, or through familiar friends. To begin dating, all that is required is a meeting. After you’ve gotten to know each other, you can decide if you want to go on a few more dates!


Step 2- Attraction

When it comes to starting a love connection with someone, physical attraction is the first step. But how essential is it? Physical chemistry is the instant connection you have with someone. It’s the first thing that attracts you to someone. Genuine attraction combines several factors, including physical, emotional, spiritual connection, friendship, and other qualities. As a result, you must choose what you want to be drawn to!


Stage 3- Coming together

After the attraction, this stage is a step ahead. After you have a strong interest in someone, you will eventually form a relationship with that person. These few months are undoubtedly a romantic honeymoon period for you. During this phase, couples will not be bothered about each other’s imperfections. But hang in there! Relationships are difficult.

Coming together

Stage 4-Hitting the reality

This is the stage at which you realize you’re in a relationship. This is when a relationship’s honeymoon period comes to an end. You eventually become irritated by each other’s habits. You begin to wonder if that individual is the same one you met before. There will be a lot of disagreements and confrontations between the two. Over time, you will be exposed to many more issues. This is when the reality of a relationship will hit you like a tonne of bricks.

Hitting the reality

Stage 5-Acceptance

Many couples never get to the point where they are willing to accept their partner as they are. Couples that refuse to accept their partner end their relationship in the middle. Couples who make it to this stage, on the other hand, cheerfully embrace one other’s strengths and weaknesses. Maintaining a relationship requires compromises, sacrifices, and acceptance. A couple must go through all of their relationship’s ups and downs together to have a successful and long-lasting partnership.

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